L'Orangerie de Planchevienne


In 2020, ‘L’Orangerie de la Ferme’ was built in the side wing of ‘La Ferme de Planchevienne’: this is a very attractive kitchen/dining and meeting room, with views on the inner garden of ‘La Ferme de Planchevienne’. It is possible to rent ‘L’orangerie de Planchevienne’ on an exclusive basis – with or without accommodation/with or without private rent of the inner garden - for a private occasion such as a communion, a birthday, a private or business lunch/diner etc. (up to 18 people).

If desired, a private chef can be brought in to cater for your lunch/dinner. The cost of this will depend on your specific requirements.

Rental price for the ‘L’Orangerie de Planchevienne’ (10:00 AM to 05:00 PM): € 180,-
Max 18 people

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Naturally, we can always prepare a ‘bespoke’ offer, depending on your concrete and specific wishes/needs (e.g. additional rent of accommodation, private rent of inner garden, care of the catering, longer duration of the rent etc.). Please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation according to your specific concept.